Welcome to the Chatterblog!


Well hello there…

Thank you for checking out the Chatterblog! A new blog will be posted every week on different storytelling topics and Chatterbox happenings. So as an introduction to the blog here’s a little more about Chatterbox:

This show was created to make storytelling accessible to all, especially those who may not think they have a voice. Sharing experiences that are rarely talked about can build connections within our community that are only possible through vulnerability. We all have unique perspectives and histories that can be shared with others to find connection and foster understanding. The practice of storytelling can be therapeutic and we encourage you to share your truth on our stage.

  • The Chatterbox Storytelling Open Mic has been around since September 2016 and Fair Trade has been our home since 2017.
  • Our podcast, Chatterpod, has been on air since August 2017 thanks to Jared Duran and Janell Hughes of Hoot’n’Waddle. You can listen to past episodes anywhere you find podcasts!
  • We have had hundreds of storytellers from all walks of life share their truth with the Chatterbox community.
  • As a community we are always looking to support local organizations and non-profits. In 2018 we partnered with Opportunities for Youth, UMOM and the Phoenix Zine Fest. If you or an organization you know would like to collaborate send us an email

New storytellers and audience members are always welcome at Chatterbox Storytelling Open Mic. Weekly themes guide tellers to share literally and figuratively with the audience. We have a few guidelines for the show which can be found on the ‘How to Tell’ page. Come by and join a welcoming community of people looking to listen to one another and find common bonds in the experiences we all have.

See you next Wednesday!

Founder and Host,

Jessie Balli