Storytelling helps catch a glimpse of a stranger’s life, seeing a bit of what has shaped them and connects us as humans. It’s powerful.

Amber Pechin

Chatterbox is cute, zany, bonafide and essentially every adjective I would use to describe my favorite things about Downtown Phoenix arts. I can’t think of a better venue than Grand Central Coffee to provide a space for a show like Chatterbox with its steampunk aesthetic, not-so-pretentious selection of craft beers and affable staff.

Kelcie Grega

I’ve told many stories at Chatterbox, but the sense of community and wonderful stories shared always leave me speechless.  I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Annika Cline

Great show! Wonderful people. Excellent venue. Great way to spend a Wednesday night!

Hattie Jean Hayes

Storytelling events are always very humbling. Chatterbox is a really good outlet for the creative type. Whether you’re just listening or if you’re actually telling the story yourself. Constantly thankful for those brave enough who share themselves every time.

Honey Danger

This is such an open and supportive storytelling event here in Phoenix. Whether you’re a seasoned storytelling veteran, or want your chance to get on stage to tell your truth for the first time, Chatterbox is the place to do it.

Jeff Cardello

Chatterbox is an amazing event run by good people. It’s pretty fantastic, and the community it has fostered is extremely warm and engaging. Cannot recommend enough and am glad I found it!

Britt Kemp

Chatterbox is an amazing show where peeps get up and tell honest real life experiences in a safe place! 10 outta 10 bruhhhh

Peter Jordan

It was a lot of fun and I met so many incredible people. The stories were just the cherry on the top of of a big fat milkshake.

Barbara Bonomo-Michels